About Us

From DoubleMC Network
DoubleMC Network is a new platform built for and by young gamers, developers and social users

Our core values are simple;

• Online safety. Information for kids, parents and guardians can be accessed here or from our home page
• Encouragement of developing skills. Young gamers, programmers, publishers and editors are welcome here
• And most of all fun!

Our site is developed, published and maintained in Melbourne Australia. You can read more about the legal and eSafety details in our kids, parents and guardians section accessed here or from our home page

Our development team includes plenty of young creators showcasing their skills and sharing valuable tips and knowledge. There are of course the essential old dinosaurs (those old people over 18 years) who are the responsible administrators for this platform. You can contact one of the dinosaurs using the contact us link from our home page

This platform and all content hosted on or transmitted through it is governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Australia and it’s States and Territories regardless of the location of users and migration of content via Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) globally